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Establishing a centralized QA function in a company involves multiple vendors, close coupled systems with significant interdependencies, and a heterogeneous mix of technologies, architecture platforms, products and bespoke applications. SmartERP test consultancy services provide focused solutions for high availability, scalability and the ability to quickly recover from disasters to keep the systems and applications operational and they form highway that supports day-to-day businesses distributed across multiple locations.

Automation Testing

SmartERP test automation services help our clients apply best practices and implement tools effectively to achieve the optimum return on their investment and provide real benefit to their projects.

We believe projects succeed when companies choose tools based on realistic expectations. It’s essential to develop a realistic plan for implementation for any tool, establishing a business case that sets some expectations and structure around the project. One example of this is test automation, where stability of the program code environment is critical to success.

Test automation also provides challenges to less-experienced test organizations because it requires separate development lifecycle to produce a well-structured, easily maintainable and reusable script environment.

Our years of experience in tools implementation and test automation, combined with our extensive knowledge in building high-quality testing harnesses and frameworks, makes us an expert partner.

Performance Testing

SmartERP performance testing services are designed to support the delivery of all types of IT software and hardware changes, ensuring they fully meet the performance requirements for all key stakeholders. Software performance issues are traditionally difficult to identify prior to live operation of a new system but, when detected after launch, often involve costly remedial work. We use advanced testing services and tools to undertake realistic testing of your new systems in the development stages and provide important feedback to ensure problems are rectified at an early stage.

Once a new system is in live operation, software performance continues to become a critical factor. We provide a bespoke solution using our remote web load testing infrastructure, enabling you to select your performance test and quickly verify changes prior to implementation. We also recognize that identifying problems only provides part of the solution. SmartERP’s in-depth experience in technology development and testing ensures we can always identify the source of the problem and recommend a course of action. No matter what stage you are at in the lifecycle of your IT systems, SmartERP can provide performance testing services that optimize your systems’ performance.

SmartERP also specializes in PTF (an Oracle functional testing tool) for Oracle solutions.

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Our clients work with Smart ERP Solutions because of our unwavering commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology services, solutions, and exceptional customer service. With our deep expertise in enterprise resource planning (ERP), we empower organizations to optimize their operations, streamline processes, and drive growth. Our comprehensive knowledge of ERP services, combined with our suite of intelligent ERP software, ensures seamless implementation, customization, and ongoing support. We understand the unique challenges of diverse industries and tailor solutions to meet specific business needs, enabling our clients to stay ahead in today's competitive landscape. By partnering with Smart ERP Solutions, clients can unlock their full potential, achieve operational excellence, and realize their strategic goals.

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