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Cognos BI

At SmartERP, IBM Cognos-certified professionals can take care of all your needs in IBM Cognos. Our team has expertise in Cognos 10 Business Intelligence, Cognos Planning, and Cognos TM1. We have solution architects who can propose a complete solution for your problem and implement it in your environment. We work as a team with your BI Team and help you build world-class applications. Our unique onsite–offshore model helps reduce the Solution's Total cost and faster delivery.

SmartERP offering includes


Manage end to end Projects
Collect user requirements
Develop reports, cubes, events, schedules
Testing – Unit testing, System testing, UAT
Deployment in Production
Design Framework manager/Transformer/Metric studio model for designing the business layer
Capable of doing advanced projects such as balanced Scorecard, SDK projects

Production Support

Monitor daily jobs and cubes
Maintain production servers
Bug Fixing
Helpdesk support
Install and maintain different environments (Dev, QA..,)
Create Audit reports and Log reports
Security management


Installation of Cognos Servers on distributed environment
Installation and Configuration of Cognos – Go Office, NetVisn and other Cognos products
Setting up Security for Cognos using LDAP, Active Directory, Custom Security
Application support – connect to different applications from Cognos

Upgrade and Migration

Upgrade from lower versions to recent Cognos version
Migrate from other reporting systems to Cognos
Testing of Upgraded system

Technical Training

User training provided for following Modules:

Cognos Report Studio
Cognos Query Studio
Cognos Analysis Studio
Cognos Power play Studio
Cognos Event Studio

User training provided for following Modules:

Cognos Administration
Framework manager Modeling
Transformer Modeling

Cognos Planning

IBM Cognos Planning provides the ability to plan, budget, and forecast in a collaborative, secure manner. Clients look to SmartERP to bring our expert skills to design solutions and models that lead to rapid tangible results. SmartERP will provide model design, build and test facilitation and expertise to the project team.

Clients can dramatically increase project success and reduce risks by ensuring that they provide high levels of participation, contribution and ownership throughout each implementation stage. This approach results in the client’s team being more familiar with the model and thus better able to make any future enhancements to the model that reflect the inevitable changes that occur in organizations and processes
The SmartERP Consulting organization consists of Application Architects, Project Managers, Technical Consultants, and Application Consultants, all of whom have unparalleled product experience and an in-depth knowledge of best practice in planning



SmartERP consultants can assist you to:

Import enterprise data to develop effective plans
Adopt best practices such as driver-based planning and flexible rolling forecasts
Add power and sophistication to your business models with rich, built-in functions
Rapidly transfer data for reporting in downstream databases and OLAP tools
Create Planning Models using Cognos Analyst
SmartERP consultants can ramp up your planning, budgeting and analysis by
Quickly assemble and deploy planning solutions for your enterprise and collect input consistently and automatically from systems and staff from all divisions and locations
Planning and installing TM1 servers for your need
A choice of interfaces: Microsoft Excel, TM1 Web and a built-in client for managed participation
The scalability and flexibility to start with a single planning application and then expand it for use in your entire enterprise
Developing a flexible modeling environment that requires no programming or traditional IT skills
Training users to understand / work with Cognos TM1 applications
Maintain Cognos Planning System Train Users
Helping you in building your planning models using the best in the industry solutions
Role-based security that supports multiple users and ensures that users see only those portions of the plan that they need to
IBM Cognos TM1 is enterprise planning software that provides a complete, dynamic environment for developing timely, reliable and personalized forecasts and budgets. More than budgeting and forecasting software, Cognos TM1 is a complete enterprise planning solution

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