Transforming Financial Insights with Oracle EPM

Thursday, May 18, 2023
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To address these challenges, in collaboration with Oracle, Smart ERP Solutions brought you an exclusive webinar to explore the transformative capabilities of Oracle EPM.

Just some of the many topics we covered:

• Introduction to Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and its role in transforming financial insights.

• Exploring the core functionalities of Oracle EPM, including financial planning and budgeting, consolidation and close, profitability management, and more.

• Real-world case studies showcasing successful implementations of Oracle EPM and the resulting benefits.

• Best practices for leveraging Oracle EPM to enhance financial insights, accuracy, and decision-making.

• Understanding the integration capabilities of Oracle EPM with existing enterprise systems for unified financial data management.

• Q&A session with our expert presenter to address your specific queries and challenges related to financial insights and Oracle EPM.

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