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Enhance compliance, improve decision-making ability and reduce risk of errors, fraud, and compliance violations

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Identify potential system vulnerabilities, ensuring data accuracy and integrity

Imrove process efficiency, and enhancing overall system performance and complianc

Implementing enterprise solutions in an increasingly competitive and uncertain economic climate poses complex organizational challenges. How do you identify, measure, and manage the unique risks organizations face? When not managed properly, these risks translate into missed opportunities to transform and improve business processes and operations. SmartERP’s ERP Audit services have been designed for this purpose and will help evaluate whether Oracle ERP has been implemented optimally for your business.

The Oracle Team at SmartERP Provides Technical, Functional & Project Management Expertise:

Domain experience that covers a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, construction, telecom, retail and distribution, banking and financial services, transportation, oil & gas, and several others
ERP and business consulting experience covering financials, costing, distribution, discrete and process manufacturing, project management, CRM, and HRMS
Technology experience in various products like Oracle Applications, PeopleSoft and Oracle Fusion
Global experience by delivering projects across the U.S. and Asia
Cumulative work experience of well over 1,000 years with Oracle Technology and tools

Review of Oracle ERP Solution

A review of Oracle ERP includes an analysis from the perspective of delivered functionalities for all the implemented modules. The review will identify the scope for improvements, provide analysis on bridging the gaps where necessary, and classify missing features and functions.

The review will include a chart of account structure, segmentation and other areas to assess the suitability of these from the perspective of:

Obtaining profitability inlines of locations, divisions or other types of revenue and investment centers
Consolidation and group-level reporting
Cost and budgetary controls
Intercompany transactions
Account analysis and subaccount reporting
Feasibility for
performance appraisal
at responsibility
Review of subledger module configuration, keeping in mind the accounting and operational requirements
Review and comment on solutions, and reports provided for the reconciliation of subledger balances
Review existing solution for budgetary controls in line with standard functionality of Oracle ERP Suite
Ensure key controls are in place for all functional modules
Segregation of duties design review
Application security design review
Change management effectiveness
Review key custom extensions, including reports and comment on technical and functional improvements where required

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Our clients work with Smart ERP Solutions because of our unwavering commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology services, solutions, and exceptional customer service. With our deep expertise in enterprise resource planning (ERP), we empower organizations to optimize their operations, streamline processes, and drive growth. Our comprehensive knowledge of ERP services, combined with our suite of intelligent ERP software, ensures seamless implementation, customization, and ongoing support. We understand the unique challenges of diverse industries and tailor solutions to meet specific business needs, enabling our clients to stay ahead in today's competitive landscape. By partnering with Smart ERP Solutions, clients can unlock their full potential, achieve operational excellence, and realize their strategic goals.

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