AI Powered HR Tools

Friday, August 25, 2023

This is arguably the year of artificial intelligence. With major smartphone apps manufacturers slowly adding machine learning capabilities to their apps, it’s becoming more and more obvious that artificial intelligence is the way to go for tech companies. Machine learning makes the app better, improves user experience and streamlines almost everything. For traditional businesses, the use of artificial intelligence is creeping in with office software that is embedded with deep learning capabilities, and while it’s slow on the uptake, most companies are realizing that artificial intelligence is becoming more and more approachable. This is due in part to existing technologies, where machine learning capabilities are broken down to be effective in so many little yet important tasks.


One of the more intriguing parlays of artificial intelligence in the corporate world is in human resources. Touted as the heart of any institution, human resources are traditionally led by people who have the academic ability to assess, evaluate and effectively talk and ultimately hire a person of interest. The process of hiring can be very tricky, and it needs a system on its own. It’s individual to each organization, and therein lies one of the major challenges. How do you institutionalize a qualifying test across all boards? How do you assess people without talking to them personally? But artificial intelligence is here, and with these HR tools, it’s rocking the core of what human resources can do.

Candidate Sourcing

One of the pillars of human resource services, sourcing the right candidates with the right qualifications is paramount to getting the best and most apt hire. Applicant tracking systems like BullHorn does a great job in making sure that recruiting and staffing facilities are in the system with the best candidates filtered out. JazzHR is also a great tool with a decent subscription rate. For the services it gives and it can do with the right data inputted, it’s quite the steal. JazzHR prioritizes the best-fitted candidates, automates where the applicant is on the hiring process, and more. It’s a lifesaver for startups and micro to small and medium businesses.

Candidate Relationship Management

Any company’s hiring process is only as effective as how it advertises itself as a company. Most companies that have big vacancies - say top-level management or middle management, struggles to fill in these positions not because of the right fit, but because they usually have the wrong person, even in-house. Avature is arguably the best CRM tool in the world today. With its Global Talent Acquisition feature, it uses artificial intelligence in sourcing out people from all over the world which helps narrow down potential candidates. Ascendify is also a great bet, as it is the TA weapon of choice for big companies like Disney and Panasonic.

Video/Remote Interviewing

With the rise of the Internet, telecommuting jobs have become a relevant force in the world’s economy. Outsourced talents can be very tricky to assess, that’s why video calling and interviewing needs to be streamlined. Skype is the go-to software for this - it’s free, it has powerful features built-in and it’s historically the best and most popular option. Another tool worthy to be checked out on this category is ConveyIQ. It not only features a great video-calling feature, but it also can be used to send messages, streamline schedules, set up automated and template replies, and so on.


Companies need to make use of HR tools more to make the operations run smoothly and perfectly. If an HR department isn’t turning out some good hires, it may be because of the lack of technological savviness in whoever runs it.

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