Installation of Weblogic Application server in Console Mode

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

There are three different ways that users could install the WebLogic Application server: GUI Mode (graphical user interface), Console Mode or Silent Mode. This blog will provide step-by-step instructions on how to install the WebLogic Application server in Console Mode in Windows.   First, the user should find the location of the software and execute the command below. After this step is completed, a new window Oracle installer will open. After the extraction has been completed, the user should press enter. After pressing enter, the user will have two options: he or she could either create a new middleware home or select the default.  

Option 1: Creating a New Middleware Home

If the user would like to create a new middleware home, he or she should select OPTION 1. After selecting OPTION 1, the computer will ask for where the user will want to install the new Middleware Home. After the user has selected a location, the user should press enter. Click enter. Note: Not everyone may want to receive updates, especially since this is the user's personal system. If this is the case, change YES to NO in Option 3. Next, the user should select 2) Custom Installation. This way, users can select and unselect the components they want based on preference. Note: If the user wishes to unselect at this point, press number 2 and it will unselect 2 items. If the user wants to unselect 1.12, the user should type in 1.12 and press enter. After unselecting all the unwanted components, the user should press enter.   Next, the user will be presented with 3 types of JDK: Jrockit, SUN, or Local JDK. In this case, the user will select JROCKIT JDK.


Option 2: Using the Default Path

If the user chooses to use the default path, the user will have to install the Node Manager as a windows service. For the purpose of these instructions, the user is using default port for Node Manager 5556 After the user finishes selecting all the items, the user will get a preview of the items that will be installed. Weblogic server and JROCKit JDK: And with that, the installation is complete!

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