Supply Chain Planning for PeopleSoft Users

Thursday, February 8, 2024
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Supply Chain Planning for PeopleSoft Users


Organizations that use PeopleSoft ERP, such as Manufacturers, Distributors, or other product-centric organizations, rely heavily on Supply Chain modules such as Order Management, Inventory, Purchasing, and Manufacturing. For many years, PeopleSoft offered a full suite of Supply Chain Planning applications, including Demand Planning, Inventory Policy Planning, and Supply Planning. In recent years, Oracle has been retiring these applications. Supply Planning was the last to be retired, with Extended Support ending as of March 2021. While it is possible for organizations that have been using these applications to continue, many are concerned about having a crucial business application that the software vendor does not fully support. This lack of support is especially concerning to users of PeopleSoft Supply Planning because the Planning Engine is written entirely in C++, and source code is not made available to users. This lack of support means that if a bug is found in the Planning Engine, Oracle will not fix it, and organizations cannot access the source code to try to correct the bug themselves. Additionally, those organizations that had not previously invested in Supply Chain Planning solutions find that there is no out-of-the-box option for them to add SCM Planning to their PeopleSoft systems.

Oracle Cloud SCM Planning

Oracle's flagship Cloud ERP has robust SCM Planning applications, including Demand Management, Supply Planning, and Sales and Operations Planning. In 2023, Gartner named Oracle a Leader in its Magic Quadrant for Supply Chain Planning Solutions. According to Gartner, "Leaders demonstrate strong vision and execution capabilities for SCP solutions. They have broad, deep, and differentiated functionality that addresses a broad range of user requirements." The full Magic Quadrant report is available here.

Unlike many planning offerings from traditional ERP vendors, Oracle's Cloud SCM Planning solutions have been built from the ground up to integrate with other ERP platforms. This allows PeopleSoft applications to be integrated with these applications, allowing organizations that use PeopleSoft to have access to a modern world-class SCM Planning solution while keeping their core ERP system in place.  

SmartERP Planning Integration

In order to help organizations make the transition to Oracle Cloud SCM Planning, SmartERP has developed a full closed-loop integration between PeopleSoft SCM and Oracle Cloud Supply Planning. The integration is written in PeopleSoft, and all of the processes are orchestrated via the PeopleSoft Process Scheduler. This allows organizations with PeopleSoft technical skills to fully support the integration in-house without the need to learn new technologies. An overview of the Smart ERP Supply Planning Integration can be found in the link at the bottom of this article/Download More Info button.

Functional and Technical Expertise to Ensure Project Success

In addition to having the technical knowledge needed to build the integration between PeopleSoft and Oracle Cloud, SmartERP has a team of experienced Supply Chain functional experts that fully understand SCM business processes such as Plan-to-Produce, Order-to-Cash, and Procure-to-Pay. The implementation of Cloud Supply Planning with PeopleSoft includes configuring the integration to meet the organization's needs and working with the SCM Planning users to configure the Cloud Planning system, and educating them on the various available features and functions.

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