How Businesses Make Use of Artificial Intelligence Currently

Friday, October 15, 2021

The use of artificial intelligence is becoming steadily common in business to enhance or change the various operations of companies. The rise of advancements in technology allows businesses to use different marketing strategies to boost the productivity of the workforce. However, artificial intelligence can have more uses than increasing productivity.

Boosting the productivity of the workforce in terms of manufacturing operations is only one of the benefits of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence in automated robots allows for the application of machine learning algorithms. Thus, helping automated robots to adapt to the collected data to improve their processes.

Although automated robots are an everyday use for businesses, there’s still more to it than simplifying the workload. Automated robots can also be systems that handle customer data and product data for accurate analyzation and discovering useful information. Thus, here is how businesses make use of artificial intelligence currently.


Automating Customer Service

One of the current uses of artificial intelligence in businesses is automating their customer service. Human customer representatives only have a specific time of operation, thus, leaving a considerable time gap. Automating customer service by using artificially intelligent chatbots allows for the serving of customers for 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Further, since many businesses are joining the e-commerce industry, the use of chatbots for digital marketing strategies is becoming a necessity. Artificially intelligent chatbots have machine learning algorithms that allow for more human-like interaction with the consumers. The consumers won’t even realize they’re speaking to an automated chatbot.

Apart from having a more human-like interaction, machine learning algorithms allow for the learning of customer data. Learning customer data allows for the gathering of useful information to improve the products and services of a business. Thus, companies rely on automated customer service to enhance their marketing strategies for better sales.


Better Recruitment Process

Another essential use of AI for businesses is modernizing the recruitment process, especially for bettering the productivity of the human resource departments. Having a better recruitment process while incorporating AI is a huge benefit for small and starting businesses who can’t afford to hire full-time human resource employees. 

One specific use of artificial intelligence in the recruitment process is the collection of applicants’ information. Collecting the information about every applicant can help employers to find out which applicants are the most qualified for the job. Thus, having an AI in the hiring process allows for a more effective categorizing of applicants’ skills.


Enhanced Marketing and Advertising

The primary methods for any business are marketing and advertising strategies. Artificial intelligence enables the collection of customer data, such as their interests and reviews. Thus, allowing companies to adjust their plan to hook the interests of their target audience for better lead conversions and sales.

Artificial intelligence simplifies the collection of data and improves the data analytics tools that result in more useful data governance. Having more effective data governance enables marketers to predict the behavior and performance of their business. Thus, allowing you to adjust your goals and objectives to achieve success.



The current uses of artificial intelligence in businesses can vary depending on how the company operates. The existing applications such as automated chatbots, automated recruitment process, and better marketing and advertising are only a few of them. However, they are the most effective uses that can help a business grow and become successful.

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