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Sales Team Onboarding

Surprise! Until your salespeople reach full activation, they cost you money. A SaaS company's average new sales rep takes 5.3 months to get total productivity. That's almost half a year when your business loses money per rep.

Jobs with high turnover typically have low-value onboarding processes, with little focus on pre-boarding training and orientation. Smart Onboarding allows an organization to start and execute training and orientation before the salesperson begins the job.

When onboarding new sales reps, you must provide practical, real-world scenarios that teach them about the contact sport of sales—within controlled parameters, where you can coach them and empower their success. Give them the tools they need to succeed, then get them rolling on the right track.

Pre-boarding and
onboarding for sales teams

Unique Sales Suite Features

  • Company and product/services knowledge
  • Tools and systems related knowledge
  • Review sales collateral and training videos
  • Customer/buyer knowledge
  • Country specific process, forms and policies


  • Faster time to sales productivity
  • Reduce Turnover, increase ROI
  • Increase overall company revenue

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