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Off-boarding employees from your organization is as essential as onboarding them. Yet many organizations need to focus on more than just the onboarding process and pay attention to off-boarding. Smart Employee Off-boarding gives employers a reliable, centralized platform for processing and storing all termination-related information, including reasons for separation, dates of employment, the return of uniforms, ID cards, and equipment, and other data pertaining to the terminated employee.

Onboarding is viewed as a more positive endeavor, while off-boarding maintains the negative connotations of involuntary terminations, layoffs, and downturns. In reality, your off-boarding process will have a more lasting impact on your former employees.

All organizations lose people and need to transition them out of the workforce as quickly and efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, most organizations still handle employee off-boarding through error-prone manual processes, raising audit flags and increasing risk exposure.

Why Use Smart Off-boarding?

The employee separation process is consistently applied
The employee separation process is automated to eliminate errors and reduce costs
Automating your off-boarding process will help reduce mistakes
Off-boarding includes both voluntary and involuntary turnovers, which should be given equal importance
Smart Off-boarding reduces risk exposure by consistently applying standard off-boarding to all types of employee separations
The system analyzes key termination issues, recognizes unfavorable trends and uses surveys to constantly make improvements to the off-boarding process
Smart Off-boarding reduces the risk of potential lawsuits by ensuring that the compliant procedures are followed and documented across all locations

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