QlikView offers intuitive data visualization and analysis, empowering users to uncover meaningful patterns, trends, and correlations in their data, leading to faster and data-driven decision-making

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SmartERP’s expert staff can help you use Qlikview’s exceptional technology. The implementation will help organizations establish a fast-paced BI solution. QlikView is not only fast to implement but also fast to analyze data across various hierarchies.

SmartERP QlikView team has expertise that:

Build robust data model using simple queries and then transforms the data to user friendly visualization/dashboards
Design the system taking advantage of the associative property, to enable instant filters throughout the application/dashboard
Perform deployment which provides a highly dynamic and interactive environment
Enable users to explore though multiple dimensions and any value of any dimension or column or measure can be the starting point of the analysis
Implement applications in QlikView by taking data from various sources like ODBC/OLEDB, excel, txt files, xml and store the data together as if it was a single source
Deploy the QlikView applications exploiting the in-memory analysis and reporting which brings simplicity and flexibility to organizations resulting in faster delivery of application

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