Lift and Shift

Lift and Shift

You may think you settled the ERP issue many years ago. When you moved your previous software to what should have been an all-in-one solution, you thought you were set for the long haul. Many entrepreneurs are resistant to the idea of a new ERP because they envision an expensive and time-consuming overhaul of their existing systems. In reality, it may cost you more to maintain your current ERP than to transition to the Cloud.

Our Lift and Shift solution helps customers with the migration of on-premise PeopleSoft environments to a Cloud of their choice. With the move to the Cloud we will assist you in reducing the high cost of on-premise infrastructure maintenance and support.

We leverage PeopleSoft Cloud Manager to help with ‘Lift and Shift’ of your PeopleSoft environments. SmartERP moves at the speed of our customers and fully geared up to help with any of the following strategies:

  1. Big Bang—Lift and Shift your entire PeopleSoft infrastructure from on-premise to the cloud, including your production environments.
  2. Tip Toe— We will help move your development, testing and one-off project environments to the cloud first and move to production later, once you are fully comfortable with the cloud structure.
  3. Hybrid Cloud—Surround your on-premise applications with cloud point-applications and build integrations between the two.

How we do it!


Lift and Shift Method Slide
LIft and shift method

Download: Moving Your On-Premise to the Oracle Cloud