Tips to export objects from Qlikview to word

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Exporting to word in Qlikview can be achieved through the VB macro. When export to word, the properties won’t remain the same in word example, width and height of cell, horizontal chart automatically aligns to vertical, background color will not reflect, table header splits between pages and few more. Here are some tips which helps to format the word document better, 1.**Copy pasting row in a table objSelection.Tables(1).Rows(1).Range.Copy objSelection.Tables(1).Rows(1).Select objSelection.Tables(1).Rows(2).Range.Paste   2.**Inserting new column in a table objSelection.Tables(1).Columns(4).Select objSelection.InsertColumnsRight   3.**Bringing cursor to start and end of table objSelection.Tables(1).Select objSelection.Collapse wdCollapseEnd   4.**Auto fit the column objSelection.Tables(1).Columns(4).autofit   5.**Inserting new line objSelection.TypeText chr(11)   6.**Layout settings   ‘ Font Color objSelection.Tables(1).Cell(1, 2).Range.Font.Color = RGB(0,0,0)   ‘ Bold font objSelection.Tables(1).Cell(1, 2).Range.Font.Bold = true   ‘Font size objSelection.Tables(1).Cell(1, 2).Range.Font.Size = "10"   ‘Cell background color objSelection.Tables(1).Cell(1, 2).Shading.BackgroundPatternColor = rgb(232,232,232)   ‘Width settings With objSelection.Tables(1) .Columns(1).Width = 120 .Columns(2).Width = 75 .Columns(3).Width = 105 .Columns(4).Width = 75 .Columns(5).Width = 105 End With 7.**Finding page number CurPage = objSelection.Information (wdactiveendpagenumber) 8.**Quit word without save objDoc.Saved = TRUE objWord.Quit

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