The Smarter Way to Manage Data

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Today analytics plays a vital role in any company in any industry as it helps the organization connect with new customers, streamline business processes, differentiate themselves, and garner a competitive advantage. Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse provides an easier way for organizations to store, manage data, and quickly access their analytics. Continue reading to learn more about how Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and the power of analytics can further benefit your organization. Today, the prevalence of smartphones and the internet have resulted in mass amounts of data – a valuable asset for any organization as it allows them to understand their customers better. According to Oracle, on average, an internet user spends approximately six hours on internet devices and services, and the use of social media is continuously increasing.  To leverage the power of this data, many organizations have turned to the Cloud to hold these mass amounts of data. However, this still presents its own challenges as many problems are still just transferred to new infrastructure. Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse is a self-driving, self-securing, and self-repairing data-management Cloud that allows companies to better store, manage and access their data and analytics. It is built to mitigate the possibility of errors made by manual processes and mistakes. Within minutes, your organization can deploy a data warehouse in the Cloud, complete with patching, updating, backing up, tuning, and heightened security, so that your organization can focus more on reaping analytical insights and using their data to their fullest. As a self-driving tool, Oracle Autonomous Database reduces the possibility of human error by taking care of many tasks automatically. It is also self-securing in that it automatically applies the latest security patches, thus mitigating the risk of vulnerability. Finally, Oracle Autonomous Database is self-repairing in that it automatically recovers from any server or data-center failures. Continuous updates also protect your data and ensure that your applications will always remain online. Other benefits of Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse include significant labor-saving cost benefits and reduced downtime from outages. Oracle offers a cloud with integrated IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS solutions, as well as adaptive machine learning and AI that help you create highly efficient and flexible processes that reduce any risks of downtime, anomalies, and security risks. In a case study, DX Marketing, located in Savannah, Georgia, offers a wide variety of multichannel marketing services from analytics and research, to digital and creative. Rooted in its use of data analytics and management, DX Marketing switched to Oracle Database Cloud, which allowed it to avoid additional IT hiring costs and the price of buying new infrastructure. DX Marketing is now also able to run and compare analytics between clients in mere seconds rather than a few days. These benefits and savings allowed them to hire data scientists and continue to produce top-level analytics. Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse offers two deployment options – serverless and dedicated  - provide adaptable options to fit each organization’s needs.  Serverless provides simplicity and elasticity by providing instant provisioning, independent scalability of resources, and no upfront infrastructure requirement. In contrast, dedicated provides a customizable and personalized private cloud securely isolated within a public one. Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse allows a simple and efficient database solution for organizations working for data and analytics. It streamlines business processes, encourages cost savings, and produces fast results, while still providing reliable results and security for both the organization and clients. Furthermore, it’s flexibility, reliability, and security make it a promising and beneficial tool for any organization. If you and your organization are interested in calculating potential savings, check out the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse TCO Calculator  or check out their site for more information.

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