Start The Onboarding Process With Pre-boarding

Sunday, October 18, 2020

A new approach

For many organizations, the onboarding process begins immediately after the offer is accepted and prior to day one of the job. During this preboarding phase, organizations can use automated employee onboarding solutions to direct new hires to an online onboarding packet that includes items such as compliancy paperwork, benefit information, welcome videos and personnel policies. Pre-boarding enables the new employee to be productive from day one instead of wasting valuable time filling out forms and watching videos.

“User engagement and experience has become a major focus for any web-based service in recent years”

This also provides a cost savings to the company by reducing the onboarding timeframe, helping to eliminate paper waste and increasing employee productivity from day one. When you multiply these cost savings by the 10s or 100s of new employees transitioning into the company every month, the total return on your investment will increase exponentially. Day one should be used to welcome the employee into the organization, and it can include important components, such as a tour of the company, introduction to key team members and a Q&A session. After the introductory steps are completed, the organization can focus on other methods, such as mentorships, regular check-ins and assessments, and team building exercises to improve employee engagement. This timeframe also should include any necessary learning and development training. There are various training options available, such as standard classroom training, online training, one-on-one training, gamification, training conferences and webinars. The exact type of training required depends on the specific duties of the new hire.

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