Python-The Swiss Army Knife of Programming Languages

Friday, July 31, 2020

Let’s dive right into the topic of this blog, instead of yapping about when, how and where was python created. A simple google search will throw out those results.

The reason I love python is its versatility – ‘Where there is a Need, There is a module!’ (Well! that’s how I call Python in a nutshell. All the things that can be done with python simply can’t be covered within an article. I’ve listed down a few things I’ve used Python for and this might fire up your interest to learn Python and/or put an end to your dilemma of choosing between Python vs “any-other-language”. Let’s see the classic ‘Why Python’ before diving into What we can do with it?

sudo apt-get install python

As a programmer, you just have to think about the logic, the syntax is as easy as communicating in English. Don’t believe it? Here’s a code to see current date and time in python, from datetime import datetime print(str(datetime.time())) As recommended by many, it is the best first programming language to learn Now let’s get to the fun part, let’s see what we can do with Python Data Analysis: Python has the best packages for data analysis influenced by R language. Heroes in this domain are Pandas, numpy, scipy, and Matplotlib. Any type of data analysis and visualization can be done using these packages. Things never seem to be out of scope for these packages. Whatever we throw at them, they’ll handle them with ease and since Numpy is mostly written in C we can’t complain about the performance as it is obviously way better than core python. Python can even be connected to most of the DBs out there, from MySQL to Oracle DB. Since Big Data seems to be the talk of the town now, Python is equipped for the future.  Connecting it to HIVE, MongoDB, PrestodB and more is a matter of two-line code in python. Because of its popularity, python is one of the 4 languages to have Apache Spark API support (others being Scala, Java, and R) Machine Learning: Similar to Data Analysis, another domain where Python comes in handy is Machine Learning. With sklearn and stats for supervised learning. Keras, PyTorch, and others for unsupervised deep learning. Python helps data scientists to just worry about the statistics while it does all the heavy lifting behind the scenes. Web development: Remember the names Django, Flask, and Dash Django-Beast The flask-perfect balance of ease and quality Dash- Built on top of Flask for interactive web apps Without much time one can deploy a pretty decent looking website from the ground up using these modules Python also has loads of modules for web scraping as well and, that includes Requests, urllib. Python for games: Big names like Civilization IV and Battlefield 2 use Python for some to most of its background tasks. Hence, you won’t feel left alone in Game Development community if you have python in your toolkit although you’ll still need other tools for building. https://wiki.python.org/moin/PythonGames I can keep going on and on about this, but the message should be clear that Python can be used for pretty much anything we want - from manipulating your directory structure to scheduling a message on a particular time to handling streaming data using pykafka. This is my final try at convincing how cool python is, Developers from the show Mr. Robot use python for hacking into systems. What more reasons do you need to learn this beautiful language

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