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Thursday, July 15, 2021

Automate and Simplify the Process of Managing Outsourced On-Demand Talent

Finding skilled, on-demand talent is hard. Compliantly managing all the related requirements and their suppliers is even more complicated if you don’t have a robust online Talent Procurement System or Vendor Management System (VMS). A system that integrates with internal talent pools, staffing suppliers, outsourced services firms, independent contractors, and Human-Talent Cloud workers. For the reasons mentioned above, PeopleSoft sProcurement (SPro) was created. PeopleSoft SPro enables service providers to log time and expenses directly against work orders and activities associated with a project, eliminating the need for internal resources to capture that data. If your organization has been using PeopleSoft SPro for years and you’re now making the move to Oracle Cloud, you’ve undoubtedly learned that Oracle has modified its approach to services procurement as they’ve moved to the cloud. While PeopleSoft had a dedicated services procurement solution (it was right in the name), Oracle has evolved to a hybrid model. They recommend their customers leverage pieces and parts of several modules to accomplish what used to be handled in one dedicated module. This approach has its merits and drawbacks, depending on the needs of your organization.  And there are two different ways of applying this strategy.  The first is to try to find “corresponding” functionality in other modules.  This leads you to a long list of modules with features and functions that sound like they could serve as replacements for the purpose-built SPro application. You can use:

  • Self Service Procurement to capture hiring manager requirements
  • Sourcing to send requirements to suppliers
  • Procurement Contracts to capture terms
  • Purchasing to issue POs
  • Supplier Qualification Management to “manage suppliers”
  • Supplier Portal to allow suppliers to invoice you
  • Payables to pay
  • Procurement Analytics for reporting and BI

Suppose this patchwork of modules doesn’t adequately address your process and data requirements. In that case, the second version of the approach is to build enhancements to each of these modules to bring them together as a facsimile of the SPro solution. If you used SPro extensively in the past, you probably did a fair number of enhancements to it anyway, so you have some experience in this area. But the level of building and customization necessary to fill in the services procurement-specific gaps will dwarf any previous effort related to SPro. So, if you’re making the move from PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud, and you currently rely on PeopleSoft SPro to manage your services procurement, you may be wondering, what should we do? Glad you asked. SmartERP’s Smart Talent Procurement (STP) is a solution built on top of PeopleSoft SPro that features over 17 years of continuous enhancements, including:

  • Modernized UX
  • Full mobile capabilities
  • Standardized integrations into Oracle Cloud
  • Hundreds of feature/function extensions
  • Services-specific reporting, analytics, and dashboards
  • MSP and Supplier focused experience
  • Dedicated global implementation and 24/7/365support

If you are contemplating the move to Oracle Cloud or a real ready in the process, you owe it to yourself and your organization to learn more about Smart Talent Procurement.

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