Financial Stability during COVID-19 times

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

As COVID-19 continues to disrupt life and livelihoods, healthcare institutions face extreme challenges during such a difficult time. Spikes in demand, backlogs, business continuity challenges, supply-chain management, to name a few. What measures can be adopted to address these challenges? Automation!

There is an enduring need for automation, specifically in the healthcare industry. Robots can assist hospitals by handling the medical test process in large volumes. Other organizational areas, like the Public Sector, need assistance with supply-chain management, record keeping, and onboarding of employees during this crisis. Organizations are now revamping their business models with automation, enabling them to increase the use of robots for redundant work. RPA offers significant relief to organizations in various industries. They are being used to automate processes like:

  • Digital paperwork to ensure faster service
  • Reduced wait time
  • Handling call centers for queries
  • Preparing and enabling a remote workforce

Desperate times call for desperate measures. RPA platforms are also vigorously building newer bots to help companies create a remote workforce and be most productive when working remotely. There are more than 35 such newer use cases that are already being executed.

Find out more in our latest Whitepaper on Robotic Process Automation.

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