Employee Snapshot

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Employee Snapshot The Employee Snapshot feature provides managers with a comprehensive view of talent data related to an individual employee through the use of dashboards and tiles within the PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface pages. With Employee Snapshot, managers have access to an employees' talent data from one location instead of accessing several components separately. This feature is released in HCM 9.2 Image 19. The Employee Snapshot page appears in a three-panel layout. The top panel displays the header and includes the employees' name, job title, and the Related Actions menu icon, where you can access other self-service transactions for this employee, if applicable. The left panel lists the various dashboard categories delivered with the Employee Snapshot. When using a small-form factor, such as a phone, this panel is collapsed when you access the Employee Snapshot and dashboards. Click the tab to open the category list and change dashboard views. The right panel displays the employee content dashboard. Fluid dashboards are PeopleSoft pages that aggregate and display tiles that share a common or similar purpose. These dashboard pages provide quick access to useful information by presenting concise but feature-rich tiles to the user. These tiles can vary in function and complexity, enabling you to see not only an overview, but to drill into your data to access detailed information. The PeopleSoft HCM application delivers these Employee Snapshot dashboards and tiles, to manage and analyze information about your workforce:

  • Summary dashboard: See a high-level overview of data about one of your employees using these tiles:
    • Job Details
    • Compensation
    • Job Competencies
    • Performance


  • Promotion Readiness: Analyze promotion readiness for an employee using these tiles:
    • Current Salary
    • Job Competencies
    • Salary History
    • Performance History


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