E-Verify: An Imperative Step in Employee Pre-Boarding

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

E-Verify: An Imperative Step in Employee Pre-Boarding

With so many things to consider when hiring new employees, it is easy to forget the more basic requirements, like checking whether or not a person is legal to work in the United States. This issue can easily be solved by implementing E-Verify into your on-boarding and pre-boarding processes. E-Verify is a software verification program that validates the information from a candidate’s required U.S. Form I-9 against the United States database, thus allowing employers to confirm a potential candidate’s work authorization. E-Verify will provide information on the candidate’s citizenship, residency and visa status.

Why E-Verify is A Must-Have:

Increase the Accuracy of Your Verification

Having an employee verify information can be time consuming and increase the chance of verification errors. Implementing E-Verify into your pre-boarding process can significantly increases both the accuracy and overall time of the verification process. E-Verify, being an automated computer program, can complete the verification process and provide results in three to five seconds!

Ensure Compliance at No Cost to Your Organization

Today, it is the employers job to know whether an individual has work authorization in the United States. “Not knowing” is no longer a valid excuse. With government standards increasing, it is imperative that your organization properly vet all I-9s. Again, having an employee verify this information can be time consuming, thus costing an organization money. In comparison, E-Verify is completely free to use! By using E-Verify, organizations can ensure that they are in compliance with the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) and up to date with any changes in a candidate’s eligibility at no cost to the organization.

Streamline Your Pre-boarding Process

Verifying Form I-9 information with E-Verify streamlines the pre-boarding process for both employer and employee. By implementing E-Verify, organizations can collect and verify Information quickly and efficiently and eliminate guesswork and waiting. By streamlining the onboarding process, organizations can benefit even more by making employees productive more quickly. Implementing E-Verify is essential for any organization’s pre-boarding process. It increases accuracy, ensures compliance, and is both fast and free! Organizations can rest assured that they are safe from investigations, fines or any other issues just by printing off a Form I-9 for all employees to fill out and transferring the information into E-Verify. E-Verify works in conjunction with the government required Form I-9.

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