Benefits of Digital Onboarding

Friday, August 14, 2020

One of the most important benefits of using digital onboarding software is that it ensures your organization remains in compliance with all governmental regulations. For example, the software includes full integration with the E-verify process managed by the Department of Homeland Security. Once the employee completes the I-9 or W-4 form, the information is sent instantly to the appropriate governmental agency. Automated Onboarding should be role-based, have the ability to scale to your business requirements and make compliance with your new-hire process automatic.   Automated software simplifies the onboarding process and makes integration with other departments quick and easy. It also can eliminate paper waste, greatly reduce onboarding costs, enhance the new hire experience, increase employee satisfaction, and perhaps most importantly improve overall workplace productivity. Ultimately, this combination of benefits allows your company to obtain a much higher return on investment. When it comes to digital onboarding technology, it is important to realize that not all programs offer the same level of services.

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