Application Development with Oracle Cloud

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Are You Confronting These App Development Challenges?   If you think your organization might be a candidate for application DevTest in the cloud, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does it take too long to set up and provision your development environment, including application servers, server infrastructure, storage, databases, and management tools?
  • Is lack of development agility affecting your ability to respond quickly to business needs?
  • Is your data center too large, needlessly complex, or expensive to maintain?
  • Do your development and operations teams have difficulty coordinating their activities to properly support production applications?

  Accelerate Application Delivery with DevTest on Oracle Cloud   Oracle Cloud represents the industry’s most comprehensive cloud-based application development offering. It spans the infrastructure (IaaS), platform (PaaS), and application (SaaS) layers and includes private, public, and hybrid cloud deployment options, with the same underlying technology in each category for easy interoperability among them. Oracle Cloud supports many different applications, languages, operating systems, tools, utilities, and data types, including open source technology.   No matter how many development teams you have, they can all instantly access your development environment in the cloud and follow DevOps processes using Oracle’s cloud-based tools, as if they were all in the same room. Within a robust and secure platform, your teams use the best industry-standard tools as part of a reliable and integrated infrastructure for the life of your entire development process.   Build Modern, Cloud-Native Applications   Cloud-native applications are specifically developed to run on cloud platforms. Oracle allows developers to build application components or microservices using the tools and technologies they are comfortable with. Applications and services can be deployed on containers—and these containers can be created much faster than hypervisor-based instances. This makes for a much more agile environment and facilitates DevOps. You can use traditional and dynamic scripting languages such as Java, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, and Python in a multilingual or polyglot environment, along with a wide array of data management options including MySQL, NoSQL, Hadoop, and more.   With a comprehensive platform for fast, flexible application development and deployment, you can focus on creating applications rather than infrastructure details. It’s easy to take advantage of Oracle Cloud services for collaboration, bug tracking, version tracking, container orchestration, and other essential DevTest functions. Oracle even allows developers to move dockerized containers and application packages directly to Oracle Cloud, with built-in support for Kubernetes, CoreOS, PortWorx, and other popular containers.   Maximize Productivity for Developers and Business Analysts   Oracle Cloud includes robust development tools that enable professional programmers to create enterprise Java apps and cloud-native apps using standard JavaScript and HTML, as well as code-free, visual tools that empower citizen developers and business analysts to develop and deploy complete applications in minutes. For example, nontechnical staff members can use Oracle Mobile Cloud Service to create applications for smartphones and tablets via a browser-based, declarative environment, and then leverage standard APIs to integrate enterprise data sources simply and intuitively. Seamless integration with Oracle SaaS applications—handling everything from employee onboarding to sales force automation—minimizes IT dependencies and reduces infrastructure costs associated with traditional DevTest and deployment processes. The result is better and faster services for both your customers and employees.   Why Migrate On-Premises Assets to Oracle Cloud?  

  • Decrease the cost and risk of migrating workloads to the cloud with automated migration tools
  • Migrate data, custom apps, packaged apps, dockerized apps, and third-party workloads
  • Choose your deployment options: public, private, or hybrid clouds with full workload portability between on-premises environments and Oracle Cloud
  • Utilize integrated monitoring tools that run seamlessly on-premises and in the cloud to continuously refine apps in production
  • Minimize risk, prevent application outages, and improve IT stability

  The Superiority of Oracle Cloud  

  • Complete, open, integrated, secure stack with multiple deployment options
  • Easy interoperability with on-premises assets
  • Unified management tools for monitoring applications and infrastructure—on-premises and in the cloud
  • Consistent reliability, availability, scalability, and performance between cloud and as on-premises offerings
  • Superior utilities for capacity planning, compliance, scheduling, and log analytics
  • Compute services that are 11.5 times faster than commodity servers, yet cost about 20 percent less
  • Storage capacity at about one-seventh the cost of commodity cloud alternatives
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