A Second-Generation Cloud

Friday, July 31, 2020

Today, AI technology is rapidly changing the way that organizations receive and organize business data. However, challenges the high cost and complexity of such an environment, as well as tasks like backing up, scaling, tuning, and monitoring information systems, often make it hard for organizations to truly leverage the power of AI and machine learning (ML). We have identified Oracle’s second-generation Cloud’s top strengths that would be a beneficial addition for any organization.  

  1. Capabilities

Oracle Cloud technology operates on an autonomous system, meaning that users can leverage high-level, self-governing cloud capabilities easily and quickly without human intervention, the need to develop advanced skills. It’s second-generation Cloud, with its new infrastructure and variety of platform capabilities, has the power to build, extend, and connect apps with great ease and security. It also provides strong AI-based visuals and can span across multiple services such as app dev, mobile, blockchain, AI/ML, and chatbots. Additionally, the technology is easily integrated with both Oracle, and non-Oracle apps provide high-level security and operate as the infrastructure for Oracle Autonomous Database.  

  1. Security

By eradicating the need for human intervention, Oracle Autonomous Database easily handles many tasks such as patching, backups, scalability, and tuning, all while reducing costs and providing additional security. This heightened security is imperative as many emerging technologies – such as the Cloud, AI, and Internet of Things (IoT), have the potential for higher risks like data sprawl, more significant attack surfaces, performance degradation, and outages. To fulfill these needs, Oracle implements a layered secure-by-design approach, allowing its security programs to help in preventing, identifying, responding to, and predicting security threats. Its capabilities further include automated encryption, adaptive authentication, visibility, and automation, all to better protect your organization’s sensitive data.  

  1. Integration

Oracle’s technology is easily integrated, providing smart and superior automation and integration for all your organizational needs.  Oracle Integration platform can be used to easily integrate applications such as Oracle ERP Cloud, Oracle Marketing Cloud, Oracle Engagement Cloud, Oracle E-Business Suite, Siebel, Peoplesoft, JD Edwards, Salesforce, ServiceNow and SAP. Additionally, by combining machine learning capabilities, prebuilt integration, and an extensive and robust library of run-ready application adapters, Oracle Integration brings your organizations SaaS and on-premise applications, automation processes (both human and robotic), and your business partners together and uses its ML capabilities to make mapping recommendations. Moreover, Oracle’s technical solutions provide organizations with the visual abilities needed to build interactive apps for both the web and mobile, map processes, and connect systems, thus further differentiating themselves as an organization in the industry.  

  1. Application Development

Oracle’s standards-based development platform lets organizations build, deploy, and manage applications with ease and increased productivity, thanks to embedded integration, automation, and AI tools. Oracle supports all primary open-source tools and technologies, including Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, Node.js an C#/.NET. Since it is made with DevOps specifically in mind, Oracle also included a series of automation and security tools for monitoring, compliance, and governance. With Oracle, not only can your organization build and develop cloud apps, but you can also test and check them for any faults during early deployment. Additional Oracle tools such as Oracle APEX, Oracle SQL Developer, and Oracle Rest Services provide further enhanced add-ons to build upon your organization’s app development experience.  

  1. New Technologies

Oracle’s tools not only streamline processes for organizations but also enable them to take advantage of new and modern-day technologies such as AI, ML, IoT, blockchain, containers, and serverless and human interfaces. The capability of utilizing and leveraging these technologies provide new and endless opportunities for organizations. Oracle’s strategic approach is to make new technologies prevalent and well-implemented throughout all of its cloud layers and available through tools such as Oracle Blockchain Platform and Oracle Digital Assistant. By making these technologies accessible to its users, Oracle allows for heightened access to innovation to all organizations. Additionally, its analytics capabilities enable organizations to support both cloud and hybrid deployment and provide heightened security for their data. Products like Oracle Analytics provide organizations with flexible and reliable support for the entire analytic process. Like many of Oracle’s products, it is easily integrated with other data types and has powerful ML and AI capabilities that allow organizations to leverage the true power of data.   Overall, Oracle’s second-generation Cloud provides new, improved, and endless opportunities for your organization, from integration capabilities and heightened security to increased flexibility and reliability. These programs will not only make your cloud experience more seamless but also open the doors to new capabilities and technological opportunities. To learn more about the Oracle Gen 2 Cloud, click the link here.

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