Accurate, real-time tax calculations – guaranteed

Tax engines like Avalara and others are designed to work with the most popular financial applications seamlessly determining the correct rate and calculating behind the scenes. Operating as an integral part of your existing financial or accounting system, tax engines automatically calculate taxes for sales, purchases and rentals. Using these tax engines the time spent on tax compliance is reduced, accuracy is improved and risk is lowered. The internal controls offered by these tax engines are a critical component of Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 compliance.
Only Avalara AvaTax gives you an automated end-to-end tax compliance solution:

Pre-built integrations to 500+ ERP, point of sales and ecommerce systems.
A one-and-done option for nexus and taxability requirements in all states.
Guaranteed protection against audit, obsolete data, or outdated tax laws.
Real time tax rate calculations for all 12,000 taxing jurisdictions.
One tax schedule instead of hundreds or thousands.
The highest service satisfaction. 98.5% customer renewal rate.
Automated solutions for all your tax compliance needs.

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