Smart Workflow

Business requirements change, which has a direct impact on routing rules and the approval process. Smart Workflow is a prepackaged solution that is configured to meet specific routing and rules needs, even when business requirements change.

Smart Workflow utilizes a user-friendly approver wizard, which allows ad-hoc approvers in the approval cycle. It provides a graphical status of approvals for an administrator to review the various approved setups at all approval stages. Smart Workflow also supports mobile devices for convenient approvals on the go. Users can choose data elements that require rerouting for workflow and allow approvers to change certain values without rerouting.

Why Use Smart Workflow?

80% cost savings
12-week implementation
Prepackaged solution configured to meet specific routing and rules needs
Add-on solution minimizes maintenance and upgrade impact
More robust capabilities and easily extendable to other documents
Wizard based and effective dated
Route by any field value (amounts, chart fields, origin, etc.)
Route by tree nodes