PeopleSoft Environment Management On-Demand

Customers often need to have multiple PeopleSoft environments for different purposes, but they don’t need all of them to be up and running all the time. Environment Management On-Demand (eMOD) is an application that provides one central view containing the status of all PeopleSoft environments within the organization or campus. All environment details and URLs are maintained in one location.

eMOD can manage on demand the applications that needs to be running or shut down with the click of a button. The application empowers the PeopleSoft development/functional /business team’s control over PeopleSoft environments for commonly used tasks. With this software, PeopleSoft DBA can also publish PS environment notification/updates to developers/functional/business team’s eMod requires Java, PHP and an Apache HTTP Server, and it can be installed in Windows and Linux servers.

Why PeopleSoft Environment Management On Demand ?

eMOD brings up the PeopleSoft environment (start). eMOD can also bring down the environment.
eMOD clears the cache of application, processes scheduler and web server domains.
View online trace files from a browser without the PeopleSoft DBA having to share any server credentials.
eMOD takes backup of the database and can optionally restore the database from a backup, which is typically open only to PeopleSoft DBA.