ERP Gadget

ERP Gadget allows you to readily add common, critical and comprehensive functionality consistently across the PeopleSoft Enterprise. ERP Gadget is a configurable collection of high-productivity end-user functions that can be easily and consistently deployed anywhere on any PeopleSoft page. It consolidates common features users need during their transactional processing into a convenient toolbar that can be deployed anywhere while avoiding customizations to standard PeopleSoft objects.

Why ERP Gadget?

Highly configurable for your organization; include only those actions you want; design your own icons
Works on any standard PeopleSoft page; include it on your customized pages or on a SmartDocs page
Save, save-as-draft, save-as-template
Copy, copy-from-a-draft, copy-from-a-template
Configurable print, print-as-XML for unique reporting requirements
Include attachments at the header or at the line levels for transactions
Collaborate in the context of a transaction in a message board fashion
Lifecycle Viewer provides graphical status of your transaction within the business process
Extend data: Easily include nonstandard information at the header or line
Workflow: automated cross-module workflow approvals anywhere
Settings: Maintain your drafts and templates for personalized configurations
Help: Tailor your help to meet your specific business processes or user requirements