Talent Acquisition

Seamlessly Identify & Onboard the Right Talent

Why do outsourced projects sometimes run over budget? Two significant reasons are un-enforced rate sheets and unapproved expenditures. Now add new work orders, submittals, unscheduled tasks to that list and ongoing management, across multiple projects and dozens to hundreds to thousands of contractors, becomes a monumental task. One that is nearly untenable without a purpose built services management platform in place.


Job Speccing

Reduction in cycle times is one of the key process efficiencies that is gained by using a services procurement platform. And one place where that is most evident is in the recruitment process. STP provides pre-built templates & vendor/client workflows for requisitioning new talent. This includes the tedious process of creating job specificaitions for new work, something that often bogs down the process and ultimately leads to delays in project completion due to missing resources.


Talent Acquisition Workflows

Turn an adhoc process into a well-understood workflow between you and your vendors. This will dramatically reduce total time-to-hire, increase operating efficiency between your team and your vendors and also enable both parties to find more & better suited candidates for each role.


New hires & onboarding

Extemporaneous approvals of new hires is a great way to extend a project’s timeline. Ditto for onboarding methods that differ for each new team member or project. Streamline these formerly time intensive and confusing processes and accelerate both approvals and onboarding with mutually agreed workflow templates.

Vendor Management System

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Enterprise Platform

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