Reporting & Analytics

That which is not measured, cannot be managed – Peter Drucker

Hands down one of the biggest advantages of a Services Procurement Platform is the Business Intelligence (BI) that companies gain into their 3rd party vendor services. STP, built on top of Oracle, which has industry leading BI tools, provides extensive dashboards, reporting and analytics. Gain entirely new insights into a critical part of your business that will enable everyone involved in the vendor management process to increase both their own efficiency as well as that of the vendors themselves

Designed with extensive industry knowledge of what is most important. See alerts across invoicing, requisitions, work completed. Instantly see where you are spend vs budget and which service types are most significant for you.

Dig deep across all the components of your contingent workforce’s performance. Understand where and how you are spending money. Quickly see which vendors are most important and why. Create custom reports and analytics as well.

Want to pull your 3rd party vendor data into another enterprise software platform? Our reporting APIs were set up for just this task. Easy to implement and comprehensive.

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