Typically, Personnel Action Requests are entered manually, using various printed forms (also known as a Personnel Action Form). Smart PAR™ improves the entire process by completely automating and simplifying the activities required for completing and approving Personnel Action Requests and Forms. The solution delivers paperless processing of personnel actions and enables users to process personnel actions rapidly, with electronic approvals, providing a complete audit trail that enhances visibility, accountability and timeliness.

Smart PAR™ processes have numerous steps, can range from simple to complex, require considerable definition and business rules, and are often very specific to an organization. So what do you do when the standard manual PeopleSoft HR processes do not meet your needs?

Why should you choose ePAR?

Eliminates costly preprinted forms
Seamless integration to your HR functionality
Enhanced and simplified contemporary user interfaces
Robust business process management, including managing step-by-step processing
Electronic workflow approval includes configurable, rules-based, automatic routing and electronic record retention and audit trails
E-Verify integration
Eliminates redundant data entry and thousands of paper forms
Streamlines document and process approvals
Delivers documents electronically to reduce postage and handling costs
Improves the physical security of critical business documents
Improves disaster recovery readiness for critical business documents
Comply with regulatory, legal & fiscal initiatives