Employee Onboarding

Automated employee onboarding solutions simplify the onboarding process and make integration with other departments quick and easy. This can also eliminate paper waste, greatly reduce onboarding costs, enhance the new hire experience, increase employee satisfaction and perhaps most importantly, improve overall workplace productivity. Smart Employee Onboarding automates and streamlines a variety of business functions, including Payroll, Benefits, HRMS/Talent Management, IT, Finance, Facilities Management, Procurement, Learning, Goals and Expectations Setting, Logistics, Mentoring, Security, and more.

Designed to work seamlessly with your core Human Capital Management application, Smart Onboarding is a robust tool that supports industry best practices throughout the employee life cycle, including preboarding, onboarding and offboarding. Since Employee Onboarding is completely configurable, conditional criteria can be defined to tailor each user’s experience based on his/her job, organization, geographic location, management level or other variables. Flexible enough to use for employees, contractors, consultants and temporary workers, Smart Onboarding has an intuitive interface that provides workers, managers, and administrators an easy-to-navigate, consistent experience.

Key processes include:

Why Smart Onboarding?

World-class Security, Scalability and Performance

Architected with enterprise-caliber Oracle technology, for world-class security, scalability and performance, Smart Onboarding version 3 can run with Oracle Database 12c , Oracle Linux 7 and is Ready to run with Oracle Exadata Database Machine.