Supplier Onboarding

Supplier Onboarding is a highly configurable and robust solution built to support industry best practices throughout a supplier’s lifecycle. Our solution streamlines the supplier’s onboarding process by collecting all necessary data, forms and documentation online, and makes it easier for the buying organization to move forward quickly with procurement processes.

Supplier Onboarding has an intuitive interface for all participants, including suppliers, managers and administrators. Our delivered Supplier Onboarding process contains six steps, although this can be configured to suit the buying organization’s specific needs.

Each step requires that an organization’s suppliers and users participate in the following:

Accept terms and conditions.
Fill in the onboarding forms.
Upload necessary tax documents.
Answer profile questions and fill out surveys.
Get AP/PO administrator approval.
Supplier submits to ERP.

Solution Benefits:

Reduce cost and overhead by eliminating paper.
Easier to meet mandatory compliance requirements.
Significantly improves the accuracy of supplier data.
Provides online/real-time access to information about supplier invoices and payments.
Yields analytics on your top suppliers.