Security, Compliance and SoD

Security, compliance, and segregation of duties (SoD) enables a greater level of granularity of security in your PeopleSoft system. Our solution improves the management of security and segregation of duties policy within your PeopleSoft applications, providing compliance to legislation such as SOX, satisfying audit requirements, and eliminating fraud.

To provide an operational level of security control, PeopleSoft customers have to invest significant resources in developing customizations, that are typically incomplete and require ongoing maintenance and reworking during upgrades. Smart Security overcomes PeopleSoft’s security limitation, by giving you the ability and freedom to secure your data at any level, in any application or module. If the field exists on the page, we can secure the data in it.

Whether or not your organization needs to comply with government or industry legislation, auditors highly recommend that you separate the tasks, duties, or roles a user can perform. This process minimizes users’ ability to access programs that have sufficient security authorizations that could enable them to commit fraud. For the first time, Smart SoD enables you to define a SoD model in PeopleSoft Enterprise, report on potential violations, and enable the security officer to then manage and enforce your SoD policy.

Why Security, Compliance and Segregation of Duties?

More effective and more flexible security.
Manage SoD within the PeopleSoft application.
Ensure that critical processes are secure.
Built in SoD model gets you started quickly.
Avoid wasting time on false positives.
Cost of ownership significantly reduced.
Maintain SOX compliance.
Rapid return on investment.
Auditing effort minimized.