All-in-One User Interfaces

Users should be able to accomplish desired tasks in a way that makes sense to them and is consistent with your organization’s business processes. All-in-One User Interfaces are designed to provide a decentralized business process that seamlessly integrates into your ERP with configurable pages for any document, based on customer-defined business logic and business requirements.

SmartDocs are highly configurable, all-in-one user interfaces for transactional business applications. This enhances standard ERP business processes, tailoring them to meet your specific needs, and giving your users the most efficient and easy-to-understand experience possible. With SmartDocs, you can control which fields are displayed and where; insert additional business logic; and enhance many other properties of a page with minimal impact to the standard business process. You can tailor business processes to meet your needs, whether to make them simpler or to add additional functionality, as SmartDocs make such enhancements through simple configurations, not complicated customizations.
SmartDocs enables you to rapidly build and deploy intuitive applications tailored to the individual roles within your business processes
SmartDocs enhance user experience through a highly configurable, single-user interface that unites process, content, security, workflow, integration, auditing and analytics
SmartDocs’ rapid build-and-deploy intuitive user interfaces offer role-based functionality and view
SmartDocs boost employee productivity through quicker responses and more accurate decision-making
SmartDocs let you quickly roll out business process changes

Additional Key Features:

Simplified and streamlined data entry pages
Extend functionality to meet complex requirements
Configurable pages for any business process
Configure different UI experiences for different users
Configurable business rules, event-based rules, flow policies and approval policies
Ability to integrate with external systems, applications and data sources through a variety of standards-based integration protocols
Document life-cycle management
Transactional analytics to empower the business user
Draft & template capabilities
Collaboration between users within the context of a transaction
Attachment functionality available on all pages
Fast, cost-effective, high-quality solutions and implementations