Student Onboarding

One of the most tedious and costly processes for higher education is student enrollment and registration. With Student Onboarding, higher education systems can now take full advantage of online systems to streamline school business processes while substantially lowering their cost. With thousands of students enrolling at key points of the year, an automated onboarding system is a must.

Task management lists will guide students through important activities they must complete during the onboarding period. Based on organizational business practices, dependencies may be identified to enforce the order in which tasks are completed, preventing students from progressing through activities until all necessary prerequisites have been completed.

New students must quickly become familiar with the organization. Using a configurable and personalized student portal, rich content such as embedded videos, online slide presentations or documentation can be presented.

Student Onboarding is delivered with both administrator and manager consoles designed to provide visibility into the onboarding process. Using both preformatted and ad hoc reports, users can view onboarding progress data and statistics in a graphical, interactive format providing both summary information and the ability to drill into details.

Why Student Onboarding?

Reduce student processing costs
Ensure compliance requirements
Get students integrated into the culture as quickly as possible
Increase student retention
Gain visibility over the student onboarding process
New students are assisted in feeling welcome and comfortable in their new surroundings