SmartERP’s solutions-based approach towards PeopleSoft upgrades and new implementations apply prebuilt, proven solutions to address areas that are common to any PeopleSoft project. We facilitate effective decision-making and enable customers to meet their business requirements, with a focus on quality, knowledge transfer and process simplification.

SmartERP has an unparalleled demonstrated track record of 100% success with every single project, and we pride ourselves on finding innovative ways to meet our clients business requirements, providing cost-effective solutions, shortening timelines, reducing risks and lowering the total cost of ownership by avoiding costly customizations. Using our proven approach, we can help you define your long-term PeopleSoft strategy and roadmap, and build a business case that demonstrates real monetary benefits from your on-going investment in PeopleSoft technology, at the lowest risk possible.

Why PeopleSoft Services ?

Our upgrade service provides a rapid and cost-effective upgrade to PeopleSoft Enterprise 9.2
Smart Solutions that can be used during the 9.2 upgrade process to dramatically improve the business processes are provided at no additional fee
Automated test scripts to test the standard PeopleSoft business process are provided at no additional fee
Fixed-price upgrades
Lab option for technical upgrade
Remotely access the client environment to perform all phases of the upgrade
Enhance IT effectiveness and drive new innovation