Robotic Process Automation

Your digital manpower works overnight and takes care of your mundane tasks

Smart Robotic Process Automation

Smart RPA enables you to streamline your business processes with RPA and AI Document Ingestion. Unlike conventional automation methodologies, our framework is designed to have a 30% faster development, 50% re-usable codes and 70% faster return on investment. We have extensive experience in all major RPA products and we have contributed to many modules in the RPA market.

Download our complimentary white paper, Robotic Process Automation – Market Analysis to learn more about how your organization can streamline operations and reinvent your staff to create higher value, a revenue-generating workforce and reduce costs and inefficiencies.

Are you thinking of automating some aspects of your organization? If you haven’t taken any action, then you are already late. Did you know that implementing the right RPA strategies can reduce the amount of time spent manually inputting data, and will streamline your business, increasing efficiency and reducing expenditure?

Automation is changing the way we work. Conventional RPA uses rule-based, repeatable functions such as form processing and data copying. This can be automated effectively and easily. But what if your data is not structured? Or there are disjointed processes. In these cases, you need Smart RPA which takes both data and process together, binds RPA and AI to provide efficient and accurate processes. This in turn will benefit your customers, your profits and your stakeholders.

There are many RPA/AI systems, offering a variety of different functions. The breadth of choice can be confusing. Our expert consultants will help you navigate the RPA minefield and advise you as to what is important and necessary for your individual requirements. And if you haven’t started the journey, it’s time that we get you on board.

5X’s faster Return on Investment

RPA solutions can vary greatly depending on the vendor and whether the solution is developed in-house. There is a significant range in viable approaches to automation technology; determining how each will affect the enterprise is critical to determine ROI. In order to make accurate ROI estimates, it is important to understand all the benefits of each RPA solution, as well as the costs. Our Smart RPA framework ensures rapid ROI by orchestrating re-usable components instead of building them from scratch.


Guaranteed reduction in expenditure and costs


Increased efficiency, works 24/7 without downtime


Reduced error margins, in some cases by 100%


High-quality output


Boosts overall productivity


More time to focus on innovation and creation

The March of the Bots

Using our Smart RPA framework, we leverage Robots with different skills, like humans. Just like humans, the bots combines Robotic Process Automation with machine learning abilities to augment human activities across Infrastructure, Application, and Business Process Services.

Bot 2

Limited Process Automation

Humans with tools; simple scripts, need base triggers



  • Predefined Macros
  • Manual execution
  • Structured data
  • Typically in silos – single app




  • Data Validation macros
  • Mass data input/updates
  • Reformatting – data / extract
  • System Testing
Bot 1

Autonomic Process Automation

Robots augmented by humans; complex patterns; and conditional workflows



  • Repetitive tasks with workflow / rule based flows
  • Structured data with no decision making – predefined paths
  • Works across systems /Apps




  • New account verification
  • Claim inputting / basic processing
  • Importing orders to back end systems
  • Uploading data from multi-systems
Bot 3

Cognitive Process Automation

Robots supervised by humans; self-learning and self-optimizing, predictive, deep learning



  • Works with unstructured data
  • KM based self learning or human assisted learning
  • Pattern recognition with limited information based decision making
  • Works across systems /Apps



  • Chatbot for L1 support
  • Auto-regulated spend approval
  • Complex reports; Financial statements
  • Policy based approvals / contextualize
  • Collection – contextual processing
Bot 4

Intelligent (AI) Process Automation

No human involvement; mimicking human intelligence, self-learning, self-aware, self-adapting



  • Multiple data source to gain context / intelligence on subject
  • Statistical based learning – predictive analytics
  • Natural language recognition & understanding of meaning



  • Self-service agent – Device Doctor
  • Personalized TV agent
  • Automated financial advisors
  • Insurance underwriting

Our Experience Spectrum

From robotic process automation to building chatbots, we offer a wide range of business process automation solutions and services powered by cognitive technologies. Over the past few years we have developed multiple solutions and have gained expertise in RPA and cognitive platforms.

Platform for Robotic Process Automation

Platform for Robotic Process Automation

Platform for Robotic Process Automation

Platform for Robotic Process Automation

Automation Engine to design workflows DevOps way

Machine learning library for neural networks

Brings cognitive capabilities to automations

Brings Machine reading capability to automations


Our own automation framework which provides a practical blueprint approach to continuous automation across your business processes by leveraging the transformational new capabilities of Cognitive Computing, Natural Language Processing, Autonomics & Artificial Intelligence.

  • Robot collaboration – with both staff and customers
  • Natural language understanding – Robots reading and acting on email, correspondence and documentation
  • Natural language processing – Robots discuss issues with staff and customers
  • Computer vision – Robots see, understand and respond
  • Machine learning – Robots learning from existing data and ongoing experience
  • Uses Artificial Intelligence approaches for modeling and planning purposes
  • Organized as monitor-sense-analyze-plan-execute-learn loops where artificial intelligence techniques are used in the analysis and planning stages
  • Boost productivity, reduce costs, improve quality, increase security and enable real-time operations


With over 15 years of delivery excellence in automation, we have created a gigantic bot farm. Our farm is enterprise-grade, elastic, and resilient platform for bots on demand. The farm with its mailbot, chatbot, speechbot, textbot ensures that you are connected to your IT at all times. Nearly 300+ bots, work together to provide you end to end automation of your IT stack/Business processes be it a continuous delivery, self-healing application or working with your customers.


Our Bots

One of the key differentiators for Smart RPA is their specialized bots. They perform their specific activities with 100% accuracy, 24/7 without complaining. By adopting to this strategy, we have achieved a 50% reduction in bot development effort and time. Moreover, each bot receives a quarterly upgrade which provides additional capabilities and features.



The Mail Bot

Emily is our Mailbot. She takes care of all customer emails, system generated emails, interacts with your ticketing systems. Emily sends and receives the emails from your customers and works on them. Example: When Emily receives a customer complaint about his/her billing, she goes into the system, checks the records for any anomalies, corrects them, resolves customers issue and responds to customer.


The Chat Bot

Juno works as your personal assistant, who resides in your mobile, laptop or your Alexa device. Ask him anything about your operations like, “How many appointments do I have today?” Juno will let you know. Ask him “Show me my profitability report,” and Juno will generate the report and send it to you. For example, ” Restart the server and let me know when you are done.”




Orchy is the supervisor of all our bots in our BOTFarm™. He is in charge of distributing work to appropriate bots. For example, when you ask Juno to provision a server, Orchy sends the request to our Infra Bot, who processes the request and lets Orchy know about the status. Orchy then relays the information to Juno who notifies customer over chat/voice response.

Our Services

We provide a holistic, technology-neutral approach to automation that goes beyond point solutions to maximize overalls benefits for our clients. Our Smart RPA Enablement & Transformation Consulting Services is an end to end digital transformation approach.

Smart RPA Enablement & Transformation Consulting Services

  • Enterprise Automation Strategy & Roadmap
  • Automation Potential Assessment/Benefits Analyses
  • Automation Design, Pilots
  • Tool Selections/RFPs
  • Transformation Planning
  • Organizational Change Management & Workforce Re-Alignment

Smart RPA as a Service / Managed Services

  • Customer Experience
  • Business Processes
  • Application Lifecycle / Testing / DevOps
  • Cloud and On-premises Infrastructure Automation
  • Platform Hosting & Operation
  • Optimization & Continuous Improvement
  • Flexible Commercial Models / Outcome-based
  • Technology Independence

Smart RPA Technologies & Platforms

  • RPA, Autonomic & Cognitive Automation
  • Platform Configuration / Integration / Optimization
  • Centers of Excellence for Leading Automation Technologies
  • SmartRPA IP for autonomics, intelligent self-learning, etc.


We collaborate with you to create an automation solution that works for your organization and regulatory environment. We also provide an environment for bringing insight and practical experience to promote meaningful dialogue between the business, operations and IT. Finally, we can assist in making critical connections across industries, technologies and partners to link our business consultants to IT professionals and deliver greater value to customers, citizens, suppliers and employees.


There already is a gap between the potential of intelligent systems and how they are used. To stay relevant, and gain an edge, leaders need to take steps to adopt intelligent systems at an accelerated pace. We assist clients with developing strategies, roadmaps and business cases through workshops and other facilitated activities.


We also help assess the “automatability” and potential benefits of candidate business processes and functions. This includes evaluating core processes to determine whether people performance could be improved if they had intelligent advisors or tools.


We conduct pilots and proofs of value to advance the state of the art.


Using proven frameworks for planning, roll-out and implementation, we apply practical, best-fit automation technologies—from robotic, to autonomic, cognitive and emerging AI—based on client needs.

Change management

Our change management approach recognizes that people will adopt what they can easily use and brings them value.


We use a continuous improvement model to tune and optimize solutions.

Implementation Areas

Where to Start

Chose a business area based on below criteria’s for our initial Proof of Concept

  • High volume of transactions – Task considered for RPA is performed frequently or includes high volume of sub-tasks
  • Need to access multiple systems – Task involves accessing multiple systems. Example: copying data from a spreadsheet to a customer registry
  • Low cognitive requirements – Task does not require creativity, subjective judgment or complex interpretation skills
  • Easy decomposition into unambiguous rules – Task is easy to break down into simple, straightforward, rule-based steps, with no space for ambiguity or misinterpretation. Example: Allocate all incoming invoices from Company X with value €3000 or more to category Y
  • Proneness to human error – Task is prone to human specific error, not occurring to computers. Example: matching numbers across multiple columns.
  • Limited need for exception handling – Task is highly standardized. Little or no exceptions occur while completing a task
  • Clear understanding of the current manual costs – Company understands current cost structure of a task and is able to estimate difference in cost and calculate return on investment (ROI) of RPA.