Enterprise Collaboration

Today, most organizations are moving forward to a collaborated, network-enabled and secured portal solution to share information. SmartERP will assist you in putting together a collaboration platform that addresses and enhances organizational collaboration needs, such as document management, collaboration, reporting, content management, records management and compliance.

SharePoint empowers organizations to build their own solutions, which traditionally rely on IT. SharePoint provides a reusability feature to increase the organization’s productivity. Normally, a meeting invite may have a large number of attachments. After a group’s meeting, SharePoint provides a central repository to house all documentation that was pertinent to the meeting.

Here at SmartERP, we provide a range of services for Microsoft SharePoint with the support of our highly experienced architects. If your organization has a strategic focus on knowledge management, then we’ll provide you ways to implement a strategy, plus offer knowledge management that gives you food for thought in developing organizational strategy.

Sharepoint Solutions

Designed and deployed internet/intranet portals, team sites & document library (multimedia content) using SharePoint 2007/2010–with branding, multilingual settings, workflow automation, geocoding, MS InfoPath, Silverlight, social networking & BI integration with SharePoint services.

Automate business processes, including document approval, event notification and other collaboration tasks using the Workflow designer
Create custom reporting and tracking applications using data views and forms to gather data from external sources and from lists and libraries
Create dashboards using Excel services to show real-time processing of statistical data and its presentation in various formats (KPI indicators, charts, graphs, etc.)
Integrate SharePoint portal with third-party streaming server to manage multimedia library
Integrate RSS feeds into SharePoint portal
Third-party application and content integration (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TED, etc.)
Create custom templates for newsletter section to upload content, image, link, documents, YouTube videos, etc.
Create SharePoint picture library to manage the photo gallery section
User interface to ease entry of statistical data using InfoPath forms services