SmartERP BI/Analytics and Big Data Proof of Value (PoV)

Smart ERP Solutions Business Intelligence/Analytics and Big Data Proof of Value (POV) is an effective and engaging service that demonstrates the feasibility and business benefits through a targeted BI/Analytics and Big Data use case, specific to your business.

  • Build a solution for your BI/Analytics (modern DW based approach / Big Data) use case in an on-premise / cloud-based test environment.
  • Create a “minimum viable solution” (MVS) application or process that turns insight into a Real business value.
  • Determine potential process, governance and organizational impact; and suggest optimization.
  • Use relevant data sources.
  • Build and validate analytical models using market-leading data analysis and visualization tools/technologies.
  • Demonstrate the potential for analytic lift.
  • Provide high-level ROI and value metrics.

First, Smart ERP conducts and documents a current state review to understand how to augment your IT environment to execute the analytics use case. Smart ERP will install and configure the required hardware and software in a customer test environment, preparing the system for analysis.

Analyze, Model and Visualize

Next, we perform data ingestion/integration, analysis, and data visualization around the target analytics use case to uncover the actionable insights that will be part of the final solution.

Interpret and Analyze

In this stage, Smart ERP evaluates the analytic lift of the data opportunities to validate the analytical models. This includes a statistical analysis in an iterative and collaborative fashion to ensure maximum value in your analytical opportunities. It may also include a single version of truth for various analysis needs throughout the organization.


We will then build a “minimum viable solution” (MVP) application or process to demonstrate how to create actionable business value.

Deliver ROI and Solution Plan

Finally, we present the interpreted findings and analytical models with recommendations for potential architectures, processes, governance and organizational impacts; suggesting optimization. We deliver a high-level ROI analysis geared toward driving maximum business value as well as a solution implementation roadmap.

Summary of Benefits

The Big Data Proof of Value is an effective and engaging service that demonstrates the feasibility and business benefits of a targeted Big Data analytics use case:

  • Proactive approach – Pre-determine the ROI of a BI/Analytics and Big Data initiative.
  • Prototyping – Demonstrate the solution architecture in your test environment with relevant data sources.
  • Value estimation – Confirm how analytic insight will result in actionable business value within your operational environment.

Smart ERP Solutions is ready to get started when you are on your BI/Analytics and Big Data Proof of Value initiatives. Please reach out to us to discuss our BI/Analytics capabilities and POV approach in additional detail.