Big Data

Big data is not only about the volume of data, it is also about effectively managing the business events while they are still occurring. Integrating dynamic analytics into your business strategy will help you benefit greatly from the vast amount of disparate data that you own.

SmartERP Big Data Team offers consulting services for solution architecture and design, end-to-end implementation services and Big Data analytics roadmap development using a well proven Big Data ecosystem.

We help measuring Business Analytics Maturity, deliver Analytics Roadmap and recommend embedding Analytics into existing operations to measure business outcomes. Our portfolio of technologies and partnerships will help you operationalize the data analytics and enable you to drive your business forward.

Partner with SmartERP to maximize the impact of all the data that matters – machine, human and application. We focus on storing, exploring and serving information and insights at the right time to fundamentally improve the outcomes of your business operations.

Identify Use Cases

Understanding, Identifying and Prioritizing your Big Data and Business Analytics use cases is a challenging task. Identifying the first step from the business and also from the technology perspective can be overwhelming. Let SmartERP help you solve these challenges and get the most out of your Big Data initiative.

Integrate and Access

Analytics requires having availability to data; which is possible by consolidating all your data into a Data Lake. Bringing together diverse sources and unifying data types by connecting your data may give you richer insightful platform that can drive better business outcomes.


Enhance your competitive edge with strong data driven decisions. Empower your business users with accelerated queries and reporting with anywhere, anytime, useful analytics. SmartERP will help enable your organization with advanced selfservice analytics capabilities.

SmartERP has a BIG Data team with skills covering analytics, advanced computational, decision-making, logical thinking, problem-solving and statistical expertise.