If you’re in IT, it means that the majority of your budget is consumed by maintenance efforts instead of new initiatives to support the business. Simply put, unless you find a better way to manage and leverage your data assets, the situation is going to get more difficult as the volumes increase.

In this scenario, projects that could help deliver more strategic value take longer or become at risk for completion. It remains difficult to understand customer behaviors and leverage them to improve sales. Benefits from a merger or acquisition aren’t realized because systems can’t be modernized or consolidated as expected. Gathering and validating data for ever-increasing compliance regulations becomes more difficult and time consuming. In short, as IT organizations struggle with limited resources to “keep the lights on,” any business initiative that relies on data is at risk . We believe Informatica is the best application for integrating and making better use of data.

We Specialize in :

End-to-end implementation – Installation & optimization of tools & platforms handling complex business issues
Best practices for flexible ETL solutions with centralized administration & fine-tuning
Best practices and frameworks for upgrading to higher versions
Architecting, design, development, testing and deployment services
Data quality management, including data cleansing and profiling