Big Data

Very few customers have determined how to properly identify, protect, analyze and interpret their existing data, let alone incorporate commonalities of unstructured data from outside the organization.

To make things even more complicated, the entire data and analytics market is shifting and evolving, making it difficult for executives to know where to invest their efforts. A futuristic approach in tomorrow’s Enterprise world will be driven by the ability to quickly identify the right data, analyze it and act on it. It is not enough to collect data. It needs to be related and analyzed to tap hidden values in priority areas like sales, cost reduction and risk management.

Our Service Offerings Fill These Needs for Your Organization.


Managing business is always a tough job. Successfully managing a business through mergers and acquisitions, go-to-market strategies, shifting priorities and competitive challenges requires skill, determination, experience and a fact-based understanding of your company’s performance metrics. With time and a few well-earned scars, you will gain skill and experience. But to understand corporate performance, to make decisions, you need business intelligence (BI) and analytics.

Big Data Services:

Big Data Architecture & Framework Services
Big Data Analytical Services
Social Media and Marketing Analytics
Hadoop Implementation in ETL

Big Data Architecture Framework Services:

Technology Assessment & Evaluation
Architecture and Framework Evaluation and Recommendation
Tool Selection and Recommendation
Physical Architecture Set-up
Data Architecture Strategy
Big Data Optimization and Tuning Services

Big Data Analytics Services:

Big Data Analytics Services
Forecasting & Predictive Analysis
Pattern Analysis and Neural Network Analysis
Time Series Analysis and Simulation
Regression Analysis and Association Rule Testing Analysis
Data Visualization and Spatial Visualization
Tools – R, SAS, SPSS, Microstrategy, Cognos, Pentaho, Talend, Business Objects and Weka

Social Media Analytics Services:

Integrate Social Media data – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs, Flickr, Yahoo, Google+, Skype, YouTube
Real-time Analytics, Cohorts, Funnels, Virality and Segmentation, Quantitative and Qualitative Metrics

Market Campaign & Research Analytics Services:

Pricing analysis, ranking analysis/preference scores, text perception, advertising research, product optimization techniques, cannibalization of products, multiple regression, logistic regression, random forest, decision trees, CART, key driver analysis, derived importance, brand association & mapping techniques.

Hadoop Services:

Hadoop ecosystems such as HDFS, Hadoop MapReduce, Sqoop, Flume, Hive, Pig, Cascading, Mahout
Related technologies such as Spark: in-memory MapReduce and Machine Learning; Shark: in-memory SQL analytics
Implementation of complete solutions either on-premise or cloud based

Administration Services, Covering:

Setting up and administering Hadoop cluster on premise or on cloud
Tuning/monitoring Hadoop cluster
Setting up and configuring ecosystem projects
Setting up Storm cluster and integrating in ecosystem


To enable real-time data analysis with proper visualisation methods and tools.

Support real-time creation of dynamic, interactive presentations and reports
Allow end users to interact with data, often on mobile devices
Hold data in-memory, where it is accessible to multiple users
Allow users to share and collaborate securely
Ability to visualize and explore data in-database as well as in-memory
Governance dashboard that displays user activity and data lineage
Working with tools like Qlikview, Tableau