BI & Analytics

The entire data and analytics market is shifting and evolving, making it difficult for executives to know where to invest their efforts. SmartERP’s solution will enable your organization to determine how to properly identify, protect, analyze and interpret your existing data.

Managing business is always a tough job. Successfully managing a business through mergers and acquisitions, go-to-market strategies, shifting priorities and competitive challenges requires skill, determination, experience and a fact-based understanding of your company’s performance metrics. With time and a few well-earned scars, you will gain skill and experience. But to understand corporate performance, to make decisions, you need business intelligence (BI) and analytics.

We will help you design, construct and maintain a powerful analytical solution that leverages your existing systems; enables strategically focused planning; offers insight into competitive markets; facilitates full compliance with regulatory federal  government guidelines; and provides world-class, on-the-fly reporting for every aspect of your business. Our approach to BI emphasizes the intrinsic value of a sound business strategy based on a holistic approach to information technology.

Service Offerings Include:

Big Data Services
Big Data Architecture Framework Services
Big Data Analytics Services
Social Media Analytics Services
Market Campaign & Research Analytics Services
Hadoop Services
Administration services