Application Management

Operations Support

SmartERP’s operations support can cost-effectively and -efficiently manage our client’s infrastructure related to PeopleSoft. We can assist companies in ensuring that the capacity of their network, systems and databases keep pace with user demand, or we can assume full responsibility for the administration of the company’s network, systems and databases. Whether the company is running on a HP-Unix, Sun-Solaris or NT operating system, or Oracle, Informix, SQL Server database, our experienced operations support specialists provide the capacity planning and network, system and database administration expertise to significantly increase the overall effectiveness, reliability and scalability of the client’s infrastructure investment while reducing the overall cost of maintaining it.

Functional/User Support

When companies have questions about or problems with their applications environment, SmartERP’s technical support specialists provide dependable and timely services to answer their questions and solve problems. Whether it is a new business requirement, customization support or troubleshooting support, SmartERP has the process and application expertise to ensure that questions and issues are captured and quickly addressed to reduce direct support costs, minimize the loss of user productivity and make support a competitive asset.


SmartERP delivers high-quality, 24/7 troubleshooting and on-site or off-site help desk and change request support. To ensure that the client’s problems are resolved quickly, every inquiry is tracked and managed through our web-based trouble-ticketing system. Our comprehensive service levels deliver improved accessibility and quick and hassle-free responsiveness to give users greater efficiency and improved productivity.

Technical Support

When clients require changes to their mission-critical applications, such as building new enhancements, applying patches or deploying a software release, SmartERP can simplify the continuous improvement of the client’s application environment while reducing total application maintenance costs.


SmartERP has skilled technical professionals, processes and tools that enable clients to rapidly and cost-effectively extend and maintain their application environment.


Our team of technical professionals has deep-industry application and domain experience to provide fast turnaround and reduced cycle times. The processes and tools that we use drastically reduce errors, minimize rework, prevent application downtime and streamline the delivery of new enhancements, patches and software releases. SmartERP delivers the technical support expertise, processes and tools to accelerate clients’ time to market.