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SmartERP Solutions® is a unique organization founded in 2005 by Oracle and PeopleSoft veterans. As an Oracle Platinum Partner since 2011 and approved Cloud Standard Implementation Partner, we are a developer of solutions and services that enhance and support Oracle applications. Our organization is dedicated to delivering innovative and leading-edge solutions and services based on Oracle technology, including Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft and JD Edwards applications as well as the multi-pillar Oracle Cloud platform offerings.

The Benefits of Cloud ERP

Cost Savings

Moving to Cloud reduces IT requirements, hardware and infrastructure costs, which provides your organization with significant savings.


With data stored on the cloud, this means no more risk of files being stored on any computer. Your organization can keep your data secure from outside sources or unauthorized users.


Moving to the cloud means anytime, anywhere access. Your organization can access files anytime, anywhere, using any device. No more struggling to find the information you need, when you need it.

Reduced Risk

Security is greatly enhanced with ERP on the cloud. The Cloud dramatically reduces risk from hackers, viruses, ransomware, and other cybersecurity problems.


Cloud-based services can be deployed within hours, versus what could be years with on-premise. There is minimal effort in getting started through the cloud – there is a major benefit to the remote infrastructure.


Cloud computing enables remote employees to easily collaborate.  Because the cloud enable access from smartphones, tablets, laptops, or any online device, it makes it easy for remote employees and field employees to access the system anytime and anywhere.


Cloud minimizes IT requirements and physical data storage, providing your organization with complete efficiency. As your organization scales through new hires, business unites or even acquisition, Cloud ERP enables you to efficiently and quickly adopt standard business process functions as needed.


Utilize best practice insight and ideas to enhance the project while leveraging SaaS accelerators and tools to expedite the implementation, driving a faster time to value and ROI

Hear from one of our Cloud clients

Using Smart Cloud Services, You Can:
Implement solutions that effectively support a complete business process, not just functional silos
Design solutions that scale and support application evolution well beyond the term of the consulting engagement
Analyze potential risks and steps to minimize their probability
Define a clear and detailed roadmap for success
Execute projects on time and cost-effectively, leveraging the global delivery capabilities of SmartERP consultants who work 24/7/365
Expand your own application expertise with our local, personalized service, knowledge transfer, and tools/processes that you can continue to use long after the project is completed

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