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Industry includes: Industrial Products, Discrete Manufacturing, Heavy Equipment, Durable Goods, Automotive, Packaging Food Processing, Window/Door Manufacturing, Irrigation and Sprinkler, Electrical Manufacturing & Medical Device

Shifting customer demands and disruptive technologies are transforming the manufacturing sector. Marketplace disruptors create the need for manufacturers to transform their business models, processes, and technologies to compete and preserve or unlock value effectively. We see some of the trending disruptors include customer experience, cyber security strategy, environmental regulations, growth strategy, industry 4.0, infrastructure funding, new global competitive entrants, technology risks, and global trade policies.

SmartERP’s Manufacturing practice helps manufacturers transform customer-facing activities and operating models by leveraging intelligent automation and advanced data analytics to align back offices, shop floors, and supply chains.

Manufacturing Challenges: Growing Supply Chain Complexity


Demand to launch products quickly before competitors


Customer mandates for faster, more accurate, and more unique fulfillment


Growing complexity of
global operations


Manage rising
supply chain costs

Petersen Dean and SmartERP

There is a new digital reality for manufacturing. The global and digital disruption is altering the course for manufacturing. Many organizations are struggling with planning, sourcing, production, and constant distribution. How do you adapt quickly and address ever-changing risks?

It may be time to learn about the benefits of modernizing our business applications, including security, scalability, and agility with Oracle Cloud.

The benefits of moving to the Cloud for Manufacturing

> Agility and ability to respond
> Reduced costs
> Speed
> Improved visibility
> Better decisions

Collaborative planning in an uncertain world

A global survey of 860 executives across finance, human resources, supply chain, and logistics, health care, and information technology highlights the importance of cross-enterprise connected planning. Businesses capable of implementing significant changes quickly have a competitive advantage. Embracing cloud business applications allow forward-looking organizations to connect planning processes across their entire enterprise and better prepare for future challenges while finding new ways to innovate and drive revenue.