Risk Management

Financial within your ERP can be the same with systems in the cloud as they are with non-cloud solutions. In today’s competitive business environment, strong internal controls can yield a distinct advantage. With effective accounting and reporting processes, all types of companies can not only satisfy financial statement audit requirements but also earn trust from the investment community.

In some cases, cloud computing can enter into an organization but bypass the typical management oversight controls. Strengthening internal controls with a risk management cloud is a key. Use Financial Reporting Compliance Cloud Service to optimize controls within and outside your financial processes, using an integrated solution as part of your Oracle ERP Cloud deployment, and reduce significant financial exposure and loss.

With Risk Management Cloud:

Improve financial oversight for effective, risk-aware business decisions and culture
Leverage compliance to find and fix process issues across all business functions
Reduce manual effort and errors by automating labor-intensive tasks
Demonstrate that controls are enforced, known risks are controlled, and emerging risks are mitigated

Oracle Enterprise Transaction Controls Governor

Oracle’s Enterprise Transaction Controls Governor (ETCG) is an Oracle Fusion Application in the Oracle Advanced Controls Suite. ETCG provides a layer of advanced controls that automatically and continuously monitors all ERP transactions and business processes while augmenting standard Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) controls. When ERP controls are defeated there can be significant financial exposure and loss.

Oracle Financial Reporting | Compliance Cloud Service

Financial Reporting Compliance (FRC) is a cloud service that performs internal assessments and automates labor-intensive tasks required to complete external certifications for SOX or similar mandates with Oracle ERP Cloud. This service protects sensitive data by replacing unsecure spreadsheets, emails and documents.


Document Risks and Manage Controls

Stay up to date
Rationalize controls
Improve decision making

Assess Control Effectiveness

Optimize for efficiency
Ensure timely assessments
Simplify reporting

Address Deficiencies and Certify Controls

Detect critical issues
Notify stakeholders promptly
Certify with confidence