SmartERP provides unique services and solutions for Oracle Cloud, helping to drive speed and agility for your organization. Cloud-based solutions and services can provide faster provisioning, on-demand access, and scalability. Every organization has varying needs, requirements, business processes and infrastructure,  from hardware to application portfolios to network architecture and beyond.

Software as a Service

Software as a Service (SaaS) is the most rapidly adopted delivery model in the enterprise applications space today. It offers compelling advantages that business can no longer ignore.

Infrastructure as a Service

Many organizations have understood the benefits that cloud platforms offer and want to take advantage of their capabilities. But each cloud platform offers a unique set of opportunities and challenges.

Salesforce App Cloud lets developers quickly create and deploy trusted cloud applications that are solid, secure and scalable without having to worry about furnishing hardware or application stacks.

Risk Management

Financial risk within your ERP can be the same with systems in the cloud as it is with non-cloud solutions. In today’s competitive business environment, strong internal controls can yield a distinct advantage.

Smart Onboarding

Smart Onboarding is a mature, robust and highly configurable onboarding solution based upon industry requirements, and most importantly, customer engagement.

Smart Analytics

The Smart Analytics solution provides insight and access into critical data, key performance indicators and metrics.