Smart Onboarding Solution for staffing organizations of any size

Smart Onboarding Solution for staffing organizations of any size

In this webinar you’ll learn how your organization can realize increased ROI by making contingent workers billable on their first day through Smart Onboarding’s pre-boarding processing. We explain how your organization can uniquely brand their different lines of businesses and client-specific content to create a personalized and unified onboarding experience for all your new hires.

SmartERP also explains how you can tailor your onboarding experience to your organization’s unique business process and company structure. We will cover how the solution can be configured for multi-country, multi-industry, multi-lines-of-businesses, multi language, individual policies, federal and state requirements and much more.

You’ll have the opportunity to engage Doris Wong, Smart ERP’s CEO, in an exclusive Q&A about your unique business process and how that will integrate with Smart Onboarding.

About the speaker:

Doris Wong has over 25 years of technical, product development and business experience in the enterprise software industry. Prior to joining SmartERP, she served as Oracle’s Group Vice President and General Manager, and was responsible for the entire PeopleSoft product line. A 20-year veteran working with PeopleSoft/Oracle products and customers, Doris also was responsible for the strategic direction and product development of the PeopleSoft product line, working with customers, partners, analysts, sales and services. Prior to PeopleSoft/Oracle, Doris spent 12 years working with ASK Computers, managing product development across all of their business applications and product lines. In addition to her product development and management experience, Doris brings with her a commitment and passion for delivering high-quality innovative solutions and satisfaction to customers.

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