DHS Presents_ What You Need to Know – E-Verify & Form I-9

What you need to know about Form I-9 in 2019

This webinar is a very informative session with Dave Basham from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services.

This session is geared not only to the less experienced with Form I-9 but those seasoned veterans as well. Dave dives ‘deep in the weeds’ in regards to Form I-9 and cover areas you may not be aware or always had questions. Areas such as: what addresses actual go in each of the 3 address blocks (if used), what blocks are required to be filled with N/A if an entry is not made, who can and how to make corrections, correctly, to Form I-9, how to avoid work related discrimination during the Form I-9 process, which documents you ‘do not’ reverify when they expire, how to start your own Form I-9 Compliance Program with as little as a memo or two and many other areas. Additionally, your questions are highly encouraged!

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